Railcam 2D


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Can I use my own component instead of the Railcam 2D component?

Yes. The Railcam 2D Component is a drop in camera controller that acts as an intermediary between Railcam 2D's rail system and the camera's game object. While this component is production ready, if you already have an existing component that controls camera movement, there's no need to replace it.

See the Custom Component Integration Guide to find out how to hook into Railcam 2D's API without replacing your existing component.

Can I prevent Railcam 2D from using certain Rails?

Yes. Each Rail has an Active property that can be set to false to prevent the Rail being included in camera position calculations.

The Rail API also exposes the methods Activate and Deactivate which means you can turn Rails on and off with Unity's event system during gameplay.

Can I remove the Rail Manager once I'm done editing Rails?

Yes. The Rail Manager Component is simply a convenient tool to edit Rails, and has no effect on gameplay. Rails will still work without the presence of a Rail Manager - you just won't be able to edit them in the Inspector or Scene View.

This means you can remove the Rail Manager for production builds, although don't worry if you forget, as the Rail Manager is an incredibly small component and won't impact your game if it remains in the scene.

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