Railcam 2D

Railcam 2D

An intuitive 2D camera rail system for Unity

At its core, Railcam 2D is a professional target-following camera for the Unity Game Engine.

What makes Railcam 2D unique is its powerful and intuitive camera rail system.

Railcam 2D supports both orthographic and perspective camera modes for 2D and 2.5D games.

Why Rails?

Camera rails reduce the camera's freedom of movement, and in turn allow more control over camera position. If the camera's path can be predicted, the camera's position along that path can be manipulated.

Using rails gives us some powerful abilities:

  • Lock camera movement to a single axis
  • Move the camera along the opposite axis to the target's movement
  • Limit the camera to certain areas of a scene
  • Make the camera trail behind or move ahead of the target
  • Make the camera wait at certain positions

These abilities can be used to create professional camera effects, such as:

  • Follow a player horizontally while preventing vertical camera movement.
  • Give a hint to a player on where to go next.
  • Hide areas of a level until after a game event.
  • Focus a player's attention on an obstacle.
  • Surpise a player by quickly revealing new areas of a level.
  • Create zones or sections in a level.
  • Contain the camera within a level boundary.

Why Choose Railcam 2D?


Railcam 2D supports multiple targets, multiple rails, straight and curved rails, three types of follow axes (X, Y, and XY), inbuilt transition effects, and integration with Unity's event system. A single rail can also have a combination of curved and straight segments and multiple follow axes.

Already have a camera component? No problem, as Railcam 2D's rail system integrates easily with custom camera components. See the Custom Component Integration Guide.

Intuitive UI

Create an unlimited number of rails and manage all of them in a single editor with Railcam 2D's Rail Manager. See the Rail Manager documentation for more info.

Railcam 2D's user interface is clean and informative. A descriptive scene UI coupled with a unique Inspector UI creates a fast and productive design environment.

Non-coder friendly

Access all of Railcam 2D's core functionality from the Inspector, without ever having to write a line of code.

Fully documented

Both the Railcam 2D UI and API is fully documented. The documentation also includes several easy-to-follow user guides covering general use-cases.


Fast and efficient, Railcam 2D was developed with a goal of minimal CPU overhead, so you can do more with less.


Total source code access and an extensive use of comments means you can easily tweak Railcam 2D to satisfy unique project requirements.

Jonathan Madelaine © 2020