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Rail Manager Component

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Inspector UI

Inspector UI Rail Manager Rail

  • View Single - Determines if the Scene View displays only the Rail currently being edited (checked) or all Rails (unchecked). Useful to remove clutter from the scene view when editing Rails that share similar paths.
  • New Rail Button - Creates a new game object with a Rail component and adds it to the scene.
  • Rail Dropdown - Displays the name of the Rail being edited. If you have multiple Rails, you can edit a different Rail by selecting it in the dropdown.
  • Show Button - Centers the Scene View on the selected Rail.
  • Delete Button - Removes the selected Rail's game object from the scene. If a Rail has more than 2 Waypoints, a dialog will ask you to confirm this action before the Rail is deleted.

The remaining controls in the Rail Manager are specific to the selected Rail, and are covered in the Rail component documentation.

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