Railcam 2D features Manager components that are used to organise and edit the Asset's Rail and Trigger components. When Rail or Trigger editing is enabled by using the buttons on the camera's Railcam2DCore component, the relevant Manager component is automatically added to the camera object.

Manager components allow easy access and quick editing when working with multiple Rails and Triggers. This means you don't have to search through the Hierarchy window every time you want to make an adjustment to a Rail or Trigger.

Inspector GUI

Rail Manager

Rail Manager component in the Inspector window

Trigger Manager

Trigger Manager component in the Inspector window

Both Manager components are organised in the same way:

  • At the top is a button that adds a new Rail or Trigger to the scene.
  • Below this button lies a list containing rows made up of three buttons each. Each row represents a Rail or Trigger that the Manager manages. The middle of the three buttons will load the Rail or Trigger component into the Manager so that it can be edited. The button to the left (>>) will move the view in the Scene window so that the Rail or Trigger component is in view, and the button to the right (−) will remove the Rail or Trigger component's object from the scene.
  • The rest of the Manager component features a 'component editor' section. When a Rail or Trigger component is loaded into the Manager, its values will be editable here. For a full description of the editor section, see Rail and Trigger GUI.