Railcam 2D features four types of component that can be added to objects in a scene.

Due to the way in which Railcam 2D works, the only component that should be added to an object by dragging and dropping from the Asset's folder is the Railcam2DCore component. All other components are added to objects through the Railcam2DCore component editor in the Inspector.

While you can add other components (such as Rail components) to the scene manually, it is not recommended. If a component other than the Railcam2DCore component is added in this way, the Asset may not perform as expected.


Provides the main functionality of the Asset, features some fundamental camera controls, and takes care of camera movement: Core


Keep multiple Rail / Trigger components organised and accessible, allowing quick editing: Managers


Define paths through a scene that the camera can move along: Rails


Connect multiple Rail components in a scene, enabling the creation of large and complex camera rail systems: Triggers