Core - GUI


Railcam2DCore component in the Inspector window

The Core component's editor features all the things you would expect to find on a camera plug-in.

The Core also features two buttons that toggle a Rail and Trigger editing mode. When editing is enabled, Rails and Triggers can be edited in the Scene window, and Manager components are added to the camera object.

If you don't need to edit Rails or Triggers, turning off editing mode can reduce clutter in the Scene window and prevent accidental editing.


Railcam2DCore component in the Scene window

The Core component's Scene GUI includes the following:

  • A target that represents the camera's midpoint.
  • A target that represents the camera's Intended Position.
  • A line that connects the camera's midpoint to the Intended Position.
  • A box or a set of horizontal or vertical lines that represent the camera's Bound limits.